The Third Rail

Dare to discuss charged topics!


Welcome! This blog is named The Third Rail based on the metaphor that certain topics are so “charged”, like the third rail beside train tracks that carries electricity, that they can’t be discussed. I beg to differ and hopefully you do too so that we can discuss things that are not “PC”.

Never touch The Third Rail!

Some examples:

  • Entitlement programs, such as Social Security
  • Immigration policy, such as what to do about illegal aliens
  • Taxes, including the FairTax
  • Net neutrality for the Internet
  • U.S. foreign policy, including the war on terror and Islamofascism
  • Religion – Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, “hell”, …
  • Equal rights, or lack thereof
  • The line between constructive protests and aiding the enemy

I encourage healthy and enthusiastic debate based on facts, so please participate. Screeds, defamation, personal attacks, and the like will not be tolerated.


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