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Playing the race card

I’ve created a new category I’m calling “Off the Rails” to discuss topics that are so vile, so outrageous, and/or so ludicrous that it needs its own category.

There isn’t anything more despicable than someone who is so two-faced that they harm the very community that they profess to be fighting for. Perfect examples of this type person are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.These two men hold themselves up as defenders of black people. They claim to fight for improvement of the situations of poor, black people. That’s what they say. Now, lets look at what they do.

Just today, the fiasco of the Duke lacrosse player “scandal” finally had its last death throes – the case was finally dropped. When it all began, what did Jackson and Sharpton do? They grabbed the headlines to decry the horrible situation, in front of any camera that they could find. They lamented how rich white men could do such horrible things to a poor black woman.

Now, lets remember – this is without any evidence – and this is supposed to be a country where you are innocent until proven guilty. But that didn’t seem to matter to Jackson and Sharpton. No, no. Jackson even went so far as to offer a scholarship to the “victim” – no matter the outcome of the trial! What message is that supposed to send?! “Guilt and innocence don’t matter”? “Black trumps white”?

Somehow, these two stooges – Jackson and Sharpton – always come out of the woodwork when anything involves a black person in any way. Truth has no involvement. Morality has no involvement. All that is needed are two things: (1) a black person, and (2) media attention.

Wouldn’t it be nice if sometime these two cretins would actually do something of true value to their race, as they claim to be spending their lives doing?! Instead they treat blacks as if they can’t take care of themselves…and of course, who should take care of them? Why of course – Jackson and Sharpton.

If everything is defined in terms of race, then voila: racism rears its ugly head again and again. These two men yell “exploitation” every chance they get. What do you know – they are right for a change…because they exploit blacks worse than anyone else around! If I were black, I would be ashamed to have these two “men” representing my race.

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April 11, 2007 - Posted by | Off the Rails

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